VIDEOS: Six Jingles You Didn’t Know Barry Manilow Wrote

It’s always fun to hear a good success story, and Barry Manilow’s got a great one.  After the singer-songwriter graduated Julliard’s School Of Music, he worked in the CBS mailroom where he was encouraged by a director to get into musical arrangement.

It was at this time that Manilow began his career in music, not so much as an artist but as a musician in what he called the “jingle jungle.”


Barry Manilow wrote the jingle, “I am stuck on Band-Aid brand, ’cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me!”


Hoover rejected Manilow’s jingle, “Don’t you reach for the broom and dustpan or that old Electrolux, for dirty filthy grimy jobs Hoover really sucks.”


Barry Manilow sings “Give your face something to smile about with Stridex…” a pimple cream commercial.


That’s right, Barry is responsible for, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”


Manilow sings the praises of the Quarter Pounder, “More people order quarters ’cause the quarter has more!”


It’s a finger-lickin’ good day with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Barry Manilow!


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