Is watching TV destroying you?

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tv Is watching TV destroying you?

via Men’s Health

 IT’S MAKING YOU FAT – People who watched TV commercials advertising snacks ate more cookies and snack mix immediately afterward than those who saw other kinds of ads.

 IT’S MAKING YOU SAD – Unhappy people watch more television. While there may not be a cause-and-effect connection, the study found that people who described themselves as sad sacks watched 30% more TV than very happy people did. One theory: TV pushes aside such activities as being with friends and family — act ivies that promote lasting happiness.

 IT’S KILLING YOU – Australian researchers found that for each hour a day you spend staring at the tube, your risk of keeling over from cardiovascular disease goes up 18% and your risk of checking out for any reason rises 11%.

All the more reason to listen to the radio…ESPECIALLY 98.1 WOGL

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