McCartney Reveals Premonition About Beatles’ Success, Signs Deal With Mad Men

Everyone has dreams of success, however if you are Paul McCartney and you are a household name around the world, that dream is more like a premonition.  Even stranger, John Lennon had the exact same dream.

The dream wasn’t about wearing a suit, long hair, rock and roll, or jet-setting around the world, it was about digging up gold coins in a garden.  ”Life gives you minor premonitions. You don’t think of them as premonitions until the dream comes true and you think, ‘Hey, I wonder if that was a sign?’ ”

McCartney’s song-writing partner claims to have had the exact same dream.  ”I remember when John and I were first hanging out together, I had a dream about digging in the garden with my hands. I’d dreamt that before but I’d never found anything other than an old tin can. But in this dream, I found a gold coin. I kept digging and I found another. And another.”

“So both of us had this dream of finding treasure. And I suppose you could say it came true,” McCartney added.  In addition to releasing his new album “Kisses on the Bottom,” McCartney has also signed a deal with the popular television series Mad Men allowing them to use his music.  It’s also rumored that the rock star may make an appearance, which is not so far-fetched.


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