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“A Polite Bribe” Is A Controversial Documentary

by Valerie Knight

If you know me, you know I love the movies.  Films!  Dramatic or documentary, I’ll watch anything and be open to it.  There’s nothing like sitting in a dark theater with popcorn and a soda when the lights go down and the picture starts!

So I have come upon a very controversial and serious documentary about the Apostle Paul and his influence on Christianity that is screening in theaters around the country, and coming to Philadelphia to the Ritz East on Tuesday June 26, 2012.    Here’s what it’s about:

"Filmmaker and New Testament scholar Robert Orlando explores the life and teachings of Paul in this groundbreaking documentary, which synthesizes his research of over 20 years . As the subtitle “The Paul Story” makes clear, Orlando comes to the conclusion that Paul should be considered not only Christianity's most influential apostle, but the founder of the religion that supposedly originated with Jesus of Nazareth."

posterimagepaul6a A Polite Bribe Is A Controversial Documentary

Wow!  It sounds like something a la “The Da Vinci Code”, doesn’t it?  That’s why I’m excited to be talking to the filmmaker Robert Orlando, and that interview will be available in podcast Monday, June 25, 2012…right here.

Let me say this documentary does not in any way reflect my views or that of my employer,  I am just checking out a film about an interesting subject.  That’s something I do often.

Meantime, check out these links to see a trailer and read more about this thought-provoking piece.  It will tell you where to buy tickets for Tuesday nights screening at the Ritz East in Old City, Philadelphia.

“A Polite Bribe” trailer

Showing at the Ritz East


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