Showbiz Buzz: Lindsay’s Low Hand with the IRS


It’s getting even worse for troubled star Lindsay Lohan. After an alleged nightclub punch-up, and rotten reviews for her comeback role as Elizabeth Taylor, the IRS has seized her bank assets to cover unpaid income taxes totaling over 233 thousand dollars. Lindsay is freaking out, and doing what she always does, saying it’s not her fault and pointing the finger at someone else in her team. She says she didn’t know anything about it, and it’s not her fault she’s broke. I already told you about Charlie Sheen giving her 100 thousand dollars to help cover the mounting debts. Lindsay’s a disaster with money but a hustler, and always finds somebody at the last minute to bail her out. The starlet ison course to make 2 million this year, but the bad news? I hear Lindsay’s reportedly been guzzling liters of vodka daily.

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