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Want To Win The Price is Right? Don’t Be An Idiot

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Drew Carey is the host of daytime’s most watched program “The Price Is Right.” He recently chatted with The Breakfast Club and discussed working in the game show business, the game he hates the most, and last but not least, Charles Barkley.

This is Drew’s sixth year hosting the show, and though it sounds like a long time, he says in the game show business it’s not at all.

“If I was in the sitcom business I’d be like oh my God this show has gone on forever and counting my blessings, but in the game show business it’s like oh my God I can’t believe I’m here another year. I got renewed, woo!”

So what games does Drew like the most?

He says he enjoys the games where the contestants win the most, “I don’t care what game it is if we’re playing and somebody wins, then I like that game.”

He does reveal what game he hates the most. He says it is a card game called “That’s Too Much.” He explains, “People hardly ever win it. People lose that game eight out of 10 times. I think that’s the average loss.” He adds laughing,” they use it on the show whenever we’re getting over budget and contestants have been winning too much, then they’ll throw in “That’s Too Much.”

Speaking of contestants, he talks about sports celebrity and former 76ers player, Charles Barkley, competing on his show during “Celebrity Week.”

Drew excitedly describes playing with Barkley, “He’s hilarious! I thought he would not know a thing, but it turns out he’s pretty good.” He adds jokingly, “believe it or not, he’s very competitive, I don’t know why.”

Drew concludes that the secret to winning “The Price is Right” is really as simple as having common sense. He says, “You really don’t need to know the prices on anything, if you just aren’t an idiot.”

Good to know!

The Price is Right airs week days on CBS 3 at 11 a.m.

-Kristina M. Dougherty, WOGL, Philadelphia

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