Breakfast Club Interview: Tony Danza Shows Them Who’s Boss!!!


In 2010, Tony Danza came to Philadelphia to fulfill a lifelong desire to be a teacher.

Tony said his time here, working as a tenth-grade English teacher at Philadelphia’s Northeast High School, was his hardest and most rewarding role yet. A&E aired his experiences in a limited seven part documentary series called Teach. Now, he’s back at Northeast High School.

Tony has come back to raise money for the school by putting on a talent show.

“Kids have to see that this is important, that people care about it,” said Tony. “We have to send a message to the kids that if you can get the school nurse back and your favorite program then somebody cares about what you’re doing.”

He says last year over 2,000 people came out to see the show and they raised some money for the school amidst school closures and continuing budget cuts.

He went on to explain how two teachers emailed him the day after they performed and said their students gave them standing ovations when they walked into their classrooms.

“This is inner city high school, there’s not much of that,” Tony said.

Prizes include a trophy for the winning team and three individual prizes: $1,000, $500 and $300 gift cards.

The big night is March 21st.

CLICK BELOW to hear what Tony wants in a show…


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