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Show Biz Buzz Extra: Proof that Martha Stewart Has Too Much Money

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(Tom Briglia/FilmMagic)

(Tom Briglia/FilmMagic)

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Drones have many uses…they are not just to spy and drop bombs. In fact, everyone’s favorite domestic goddess Martha Stewart has one. How about a strike of matching throw pillows?
Yes, Stewart writes in ‘Time’ magazine about how she learned to stop worrying and love the drone, because she says the photography is fabulous.
Here’s some of what Martha wrote: “The photos and video were stunning. By assuming unusual vantage points, the drone allowed me to “see” so much more of my surroundings than usual. The view I was “seeing” on my iPad with the help of the drone would have otherwise been impossible without the use of a private plane, helicopter, or balloon. With any of those vehicles, I would have needed a telephoto lens, and all of them would have made an unacceptable commotion on the beach. What’s more, I would not have been in the photos!” Wow! Martha loves her drone. One wonders what her neighbors think about her flying her drone around the neighborhood.

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