Flashback: If New Faves Were Old 80’s Hits

By: Renee Grant

Everything 80’s is hot right now, including our 4 O’Clock 80’s Block! Even some new music is bringing back that familiar, synth-pop 80’s sound.

When we hear music from the 80’s, we instantly think of oversized sweaters in day glow colors, big hair, slouch socks, acid wash, and electronic music before EDM. The original electronic music used the same out-of-this-world sounds and rhythms to get us all worked up and ready to dance.

Cut to the TRONICBOX YouTube channel, where some clever 80’s enthusiast has re-imagined today’s hit songs with an 80’s feel… and it’s perfect. Katy Perry‘s Firework as an 80’s pop princess remake? Yes please!

This 1985-esque version of Justin Bieber‘s What Do You Mean is unrecognizable, but so spot on you would think Justin’s version was the remake!

And if Gotye & Kimbra had given us the hit Somebody That I Used To Know in 1988, no doubt it would have sounded like this…

Pretty trippy, right? What if the sound of the 80’s never faded out of style and we had more music like this into the 90’s and beyond? Now we kinda know.


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