William Shatner As A Pony? It’s Happening

By: Renee Grant

When you’re William Shatner, not much that you do or say will surprise anyone. For instance, if you admit to being a self-described “brony,” a male fan of My Little Pony, on social media people will think it’s pretty awesome.

Who doesn’t love My Little Pony, anyway? They’ve been around forever and they have a coming 7th season of their most recent cartoon to prove it. The latest version, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, will air that season beginning in October of this year and it appears our favorite Starship-captain-turned-pony is making an appearance on the show. Again taking to twitter to answer a fan’s question, Shatner has confirmed he’ll be voicing a character on the show.

With two simple words, bronies everywhere got an answer to the rumor. Just how Shatner’s unique voice will fit into the show or what character he is voicing isn’t known, but it’s pretty cool to know we have that to look forward to.


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