Katherine Jackson Files Abuse Lawsuit Against Nephew

By: Renee Grant

The infamous Jackson family has had a pretty wild year. Joe Jackson entered the hospital for a mystery illness, Janet Jackson had her first child at the age of 50, and now the family’s matriarch, Katherine, is heading to court.

Katherine has filed a lawsuit alleging abuse by her nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson, claiming that he has used her bank accounts without her permission, used her credit cards without authorization, and subjected her to years of mental abuse that has left her “in a constant state of fear and confusion.” Trent is Katherine’s nephew by marriage, and has been employed as her driver in the past.

Katherine says that her nephew is “an abusive con-man” who manipulates her in order to “assume control of her finances.” As of now, Katherine is in London with Janet spending time with her new grandson, but the 86-year-old is too afraid to go back home after firing her nephew, fearing he may physically harm her for letting him go.

A judge has granted Katherine’s request for a restraining order, and has ordered Trent to move out of her house and return all keys, passwords and combinations to the property.

A hearing has been scheduled for March 1st.


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