David Bowie Stamps Take A Trip To Space

By: Renee Grant

Our beloved Ziggy Stardust has ascended to space… sort of. The British Post Office has issued a new set of 10 stamps featuring David Bowie throughout various iconic moments in his career. Fifty-two sets of the stamps have been launched into the stratosphere in special helium balloons.

The number 52 was chosen to represent the length of Bowie’s recording career.

The balloons burst when they reached the altitude of 21 miles, scattering the stamps all over the world. Check out the view from above as one of the stamps reached altitude.

Fans can try to guess where they landed and can win limited edition Bowie stamp artwork. All of the stamps were postmarked with the lightning bolt from Aladdin Sane so no one can claim any prizes without one of the specific stamps.

Do you think you’ll find one?


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