John Stamos’ Embarrassing Moment With The Beach Boys

By: Renee Grant

Even the most beautiful people in the world have an embarrassing moment every now and then, and if you’re John Stamos and you split your pants on stage with the Beach Boys you pretty much just have a good laugh about it.

On Sunday night, April 2nd, everyone’s favorite rocker uncle was performing with the Beach Boys at a gig in Westbury, New York when he realized his pants were a bit… drafty. He had split them in the back!

The Full House and Fuller House actor, comedian and musician shared a clip of the moment on his Instagram page with the caption: “…and then, somewhere towards the end of Fun, Fun, Fun – I felt a slight breeze in the buttocks area…. #SplitPants #TheBeachBUNS #showmustgoon”

That wasn’t the only surprise at the show. Stamos brought one of his biggest fans, who had contacted him prior to the show via Twitter, up on stage with her infant son for a sweet serenade! She took to Twitter to post about the once in a lifetime moment saying, “He played guitar directly to my son, @JohnStamos won my heart completely.”

What a night!


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