Carol Bengal & Nicole Wilson, And Maitreyi Roy

This week Carol Bengal and Nicole Wilson join Marilyn Russell’s Remarkable Women to speak about A Night For George – an event to honor animal cruelty crusader George Bengal. Maitreyi Roy also joins the program to talk about Bartram’s Garden.

Carol Bengal and Nicole Wilson

A Night For George is an event held to honor animal cruelty crusader George Bengal and raise funds to continue his mission.

George’s wife Carol, and Nicole Wilson, Director of Humane Law Enforcement, both share compelling stories of animal rescue and the importance¬†of the PSPCA’s mission.

The PSPCA created the George Bengal Fund to end animal cruelty and they rely entirely on the generosity of donors to fund their work.

A Night For George will be held Friday, May 19 at 6 p.m. at the Philadelphia Cricket Club.

Maitreyi Roy

Maitreyi Roy is the Executive Director of Bartram’s Garden, which is the home of the famed 18th century botanist John Bartram.

Bartram’s Garden is a legendary landscape that inspires audiences of all ages to care for the natural world.

This spring, Bartram’s Garden will have a special expansion called the “Bartram Mile Project,” which Roy shares all the details about with Marilyn Russell.

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