Australian Soccer Fans Not Sweet On ‘Sweet Caroline’

By: Renee Grant

Who doesn’t love Neil Diamond tunes? Apparently fans of Australian soccer team the Sydney Swans.

A new petition is being circulated on the site change.org asking that the team stop playing Diamond’s popular hit Sweet Caroline at the team’s home games.

During quarter time at the team’s home games, they play the classic track at the Sydney Cricket Ground, but the petition argues that the song should be abandoned in favor of “a more┬árelevant song that can still add to the game day experience.”

The petition, created by Peter Scobie cites that the song “has become a fixture at many sporting events in the United States” but Scobie feels “there are many great things about American culture but there is no need to Americanise Swan’s games.”

While some have expressed agreement (the petition currently has 347 supporters), the Sydney Swans have responded saying they have no plans to drop the song from their games.

“We’re aware of the petition and the views of some fans, however Sweet Caroline is a fan favorite for many others,” a Sydney Swans spokesperson told TheMusic.com.

“Where timing permits it will remain part of our home games for the rest of the year and, as we do each year, it will be reviewed in line with all match-day elements ahead of next season.”


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