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Friday morning on The Breakfast Club:

Join Frank, Val & Bill for another exciting Friday show!  We’ll talk to Mighty John Marshall at 7:05.  He’s a record expert who will talk about Prince’s records now that he’s gone;  Then at 7:35 it’s Dice!  Andrew Dice Clay, who was IT  in the 80’s and 90’s will join us to tell us about his Showtime show and his upcoming appearance at the Keswick Theater May 15th.

Are you in the WOGL Listener Club? At 7:20, we’ll tell you the time we’ll say your name to win our Vacation-A-Day trip to the Secrets The Vine Cancun in the Caribbean.

Listen to Valerie Knight’s Show Biz Buzz 6:05 & 8:05, answer the trivia question at 8:05 and win tickets to The Curious Show at Sugar House Casino

Thursday’s Show Biz Buzz trivia question:


Lady Gaga is special to Elton John’s two sons, Zachary and Elijah…why?

Lady Gaga is godmother to both boys

Elton said: “She’s a great role model, she’s young, [and] she’s been great.  We’re all bonkers in this business, but we’re human beings at the same time.”


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