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Tuesday Morning On The Breakfast Club:

Don’t Miss our MAJOR concert announcement at 7AM!!

Join Val & Bill (Frank’s on vacation) for a Semi-Superstar Tuesday.  We’ll talk to Kate Flannery, Lindsay Wagner & Richard Rawlings of “Fast n’ Loud”

At 6:20 & 8:35, we’ll talk about what’s Totally Trending..

Listen to the Show Biz Buzz at 6:05 & 8:05, hear all the celebrity scoop

At 8:30, win VIP tickets to Bob Pantano’s Valentine’s Day Dance Party, including dinner and more.  Just listen for the ‘love train whistle’..

Monday’s Show Biz Buzz Trivia Question: 


What TV character did Larry David say was modeled after him?

George Costanza of “Seinfeld”   



CLICK HERE for Gary Sohmer’s website if you have collectibles you think are worth something..any Star Wars stuff?  Gary knows!

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