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Dinner Deals: Maggio's RestaurantThis family-owned-and-operated restaurant began serving food in 1976, and since opening has been committed to friendly service, delicious dishes and serving the community, one plate at a time. Stop in and take your pick from the massive menu for a taste of the past, present and future.
WEB POLL: What are you superstitious about?What are you superstitious about?
WEB POLL: What's your favorite breakfast?What's your favorite breakfast?
WEB POLL: Are you a fan of a good snowstorm?Are you a fan of a good snowstorm?
WEB POLL: Where's the best winter vacation spot?Where's the best winter vacation spot?
WEB POLL: What's the worst thing about frigid weather?What's the worst thing about frigid weather?
Dinner Deals: Roots RestaurantThe Roots Restaurant is the Maman family’s newest restaurant, and while it maintains the same concepts of good cuisine, comfort, and family, Roots has something different to offer its clientele than the Maman’s previous establishments.
Sting Set To Present At The Golden GlobesThe rocker will be a presenter at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony.
WEB POLL: Philly is holding "Bowie Week"... what other week should we hold?Philly is holding "Bowie Week"... what else should we hold?
Philadelphia Agenda: Hair O' The Dog
Philadelphia Agenda: Commitment Weekend
WEB POLL: What's your big resolution for the New Year?What's your big resolution for the New Year?

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