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Angela Mason

Spend weekends with Ang Mason. Saturdays from 9:00–3:00, Sunday mornings 2:00–6:00, and during “I Love the 70s Sundays” on Sunday from noon–5:00.

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Recipe: Angela Mason’s Deep Fried Turkey

If you like fried chicken, you’ll LOVE Angela’s deep fried Thanksgiving turkey!


sugar cat

Cat Falls 19 Stories And LIVES!!

Simply Amazing!!…………… Sugar, the cat, survived a 19-story fall from a downtown Boston high rise, according to Jennifer Wooliscroft, spokeswoman for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The little white cat’s amazing adventure may sound […]


odd kitty

2012 Weirdest Pet Names!

Chew Barka and Pico de Gato lead off 2012’s wackiest names. While conventional standbys “Bella” and “Max” are still topping popular pet name lists, many owners bestow their four-legged friend with more original monikers. Veterinary […]



“Meeeeoooowwwww!!” Sound Familiar?!

If you’ve ever lived with a vocal cat (so do I, btw), you’ve almost certainly asked yourself this question. After all, who could resist wanting to know what your feline friend is thinking as she meows […]



How To Save A Choking Cat (Kitty CPR)

I hear of heroic stories all the time of Police, Miliary and Firefighters saving the lives of animals (pets) with the proper use of CPR.  I  never knew exactly how it’s done on a cat…until […]



“Mow Goats” Are Here!

Goats!  Not just for cheese anymore! ….. The image of a goat used as a lawnmower might leave the realm of cartoon fantasy and become a reality. According to WEWS-TV, the city of Cleveland, Ohio […]


lifeguard dog

Nevermind “Life Guard”… Try “Life BEAR”!

Found this amazing canine rescue story! Little boy, pool, amazing dog.  Need I say more?! One hero dog went from average pet to canine life guard, saving a 14-month-old’s life. According to WoodTV, a Michigan […]


rusty spotted cat

Smallest Speices Of Cat Spotted!

The big cats of India received some unexpected and pint-sized visitors. According to the Deccan Chronicle, two Rusty Spotted Cats were seen pawing around the Rajasthan’s Sariska Tiger Reserve. Activists and wildlife officials are excited […]


barking dog

Hooray For Savannah!!

Anyone that finds themselves burdened by a barking  neighbor’s dog or even their own dog should keep this in mind……. A typical dog transformed into a hero with a few boisterous barks. According to WTVT, […]



Summer Fun Fido!!

Are you ready to hit the great outdoors with your pet this summer? With longer days and warmer weather, the season is ideal for longer walks and fun at the beach.  Granted the cool shades […]



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