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Bill Zimpfer

The Breakfast Club airs weekday mornings from 5:30–9:00. Join Frank Lewis, Valerie Knight and Bill Zimpfer for great music and lots of laughs.

Bill Zimpfer’s Eagles Poetical Prediction

So why in the world is Bill Z singing?

WOGL FM–12/02/2016

Knucklehead News

Bill Z has more stories of not so smart people..

WOGL FM–11/28/2016

Knucklehead News

Knuckleheads in Key West, too..

WOGL FM–11/23/2016

Knucklehead News


WOGL FM–11/22/2016

Knucklehead News

Do the knuckleheads ever stop?

WOGL FM–11/21/2016

Z Nac The Magnificent

Amazing, incredible, mystical, ridiculous!

WOGL FM–11/17/2016

Knucklehead News

Young Bill Zimpfer reports

WOGL FM–11/16/2016

Knucklehead News

The knuckleheads never end..

WOGL FM–11/15/2016

Knucklehead News

Monday’s knuckleheads!

WOGL FM–11/14/2016

Z Nac The Magnificent

Bill Zimpfer is Z Nac

WOGL FM–11/10/2016


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