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Marilyn Russell is on the 98.1 WOGL Breakfast Club, weekdays from 5:30 am-9 am.

Russell, a Philadelphia native, started in radio in 1993 at Philly’s modern rock, 103.9 WDRE. Alternative music was just beginning to take hold and Russell hosted the new music show and local music show. She was also the station’s music director.

In 1998 she hosted mornings with co- hosts Preston Elliot and Steve Morrison at Y100. Russell then joined Greater Media in 2003 where she worked at both WMGK and the Ben FM morning show. In 2004 she began writing “Woman of the Week,” a blog celebrating extraordinary achievements by local and national women which later became a radio show on Ben FM. The show has helped various non-profits publicize events, programs and fund-raisers of all kinds.

William Shatner Talks New Book and the Future

By: Laura Boss Marilyn Russell talks with William Shatner about his new book, Zero-G II: Green Space, a true space adventure from the man famous for his role as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk. This book is […]

WOGL FM–22 hours ago

Christine Tarlecki & Gretchen Fantini

This week blogger Christine Tarlecki and Gretchen Fantini of Sweet Box Bakery join Marilyn Russell’s Remarkable Women. 


What’s Your Favorite #TBT Show of 1977?!

We’re looking back at the year 1977 – and what a GREAT YEAR it was for TV!! We wanna know – what was YOUR FAVORITE SHOW?!?

WOGL FM–08/03/2017

We Look Back On The Debut of MTV!! What’s Your FAVORITE 80’s Video?!

From Michael Jackson, to Madonna, Duran Duran, and so much more – MUSIC VIDEOS were a staple in pop-culture with the birth of MTV.

WOGL FM–08/01/2017

This Little Girl Meeting ‘Wonder Woman’ Is The Sweetest Thing EVER!!

You HAVE to see this little girl’s face when she meets ‘Wonder Woman’, Gal Gadot!

WOGL FM–07/25/2017


Ben Affleck says that despite the circulating rumors – he will be BACK as the CAPED CRUSADER! We wanna’ know who YOUR FAVORITE BATMAN of ALL TIME is!!

WOGL FM–07/24/2017

Where Were You In 1982?!

Today – we are taking a look back at the year 1982 – soooo … where were you in 82′?!

WOGL FM–07/20/2017


What’s YOUR favorite ‘Worst Joke’?! *Keep it clean, kids!*

WOGL FM–07/19/2017

Disney Villains May Be Coming To An Envelope Near You!!

10 of Disney’s most ICONIC villains may be coming to a stamp near you!!

WOGL FM–07/18/2017

Jennifer Hansen & Natanya DiBona

This week on Remarkable Woman Marilyn Russell is joined by Jennifer Hansen from Enlightened Solutions and Natanya DiBona from Diner EnBlanc.



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