Show Biz Buzz Extra: Movies! Can You Say Blockbuster?Stormtrooping the box office!
Show Biz Buzz: Alan Thicke's Philadelphia ConncectionHe was friends with The Flyers late owner Ed Snider
Show Biz Buzz Extra: Movies Preserved For Future GenerationsThe National Film Registry of the Library of Congress has added 25 works this year to be preserved.
Show Biz Buzz: Cosby Wants To Cop A PleaWill he avoid jail time?
Show Biz Buzz: This Actor Resisted The TSA Pat DownThis actor was hauled off to jail..
Show Biz Buzz Extra: DiCaprio Visits Trump!Leo wants to know...what about the environment?
Show Biz Buzz: Madonna & James Corden Do Carpool KaraokeMadonna even twerked
Show Biz Buzz Extra: Tina Fey Get Honored...With Some BoosMegyn gets booed, Tina gets honored
Show Biz Buzz: Grammys: Beyonce vs AdeleBeyonce and Adele had extraordinary years
Show Biz Buzz Extra: "Ocean's Eight" Is ComingRed hot Damian Lewis plays the villian
Show Biz Buzz: Jimmy Kimmel Gets a New Gig!There's a baby on the way, too..
Show Biz Buzz Extra: Dolly Helps Her PeopleDolly Parton is helping the Tennessee wildfire victims

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