Musical Based On The Life Of Cher Heading To Broadway In 2018The show is based on Cher's life and career and will feature her greatest hits.
Cher's Life Story is Headed to BroadwayThe show will explore her deep catalog of hits and the unusual, surprising, incomparable path Cher has traveled in the public eye.
What A Rockin' Birthday... Cher Wows At The 2017 BBMAs"I can do a five-minute plank,” Cher joked.
Cher: "I Wasn’t Going To Ever Be The Eagles""I’m not a Cher fan," says Cher.
Musicians Wish Their Moms A Happy Mother's Day With Adorable PhotosArtists that proudly celebrated the holiday, included Chance the Rapper, Elton John, John Legend, DJ Khaled and Dolly Parton.
Cher To Star In Lifetime Movie About Flint Water CrisisLifetime is producing a movie about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and Cher has been tapped to star in the film.
Whitney Houston, Donna Summer Musicals On The WayThere are great singers... then there are true divas.
Cher Says Vegas Residency Is Absolutely Her Final Farewell“This is the last show, and we are going to give people something they want to see,” Cher says.
Cher and James Corden Serenade Each Other with 'I Got You Bae'The duo discuss sharing nudes, passive-aggressive Instagramming, internet porn, sexting, and all manner of romantic interludes.
Show Biz Buzz: Pitt's Kid Disses HimHe doesn't want to be with Daddy anymore
Cher Jokes Trump and Putin are in Bed — LiterallyPoliticians and citizens have implied that Donald Trump is in bed with Russian president Vladamir Putin, but no one has taken the idea as literally as Cher.
Show Biz Buzz Extra: To Trump: 'Stop Using our Songs!'The Stones say to Trump: "You can't always get what you want...."

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