Dinner Deals


Dinner Deals: Marly’s

Most suburbs don’t have Marly’s BYO, where Chef Michael Favacchia’s love of new ingredients and creative styles come together to make truly one-of-a-kind dishes.



Dinner Deals: The Candlelight Theater

Instead of heading to dinner and then to go see a movie for your next date night, shake things up a bit with two tickets to dinner and a live show at the Candlelight Theater.


fat jacks

Dinner Deals: Fat Jack’s BBQ

PHILADELPHIA, PA Baseball season is almost back and the battle for who will be the World Series champions will soon begin. Luckily, Philadelphia already has supreme winner: Fat Jack’s BBQ, a spot known for their […]


RUBYS 3-6-15

Dinner Deals: Ruby’s Diner

PHILADELPHIA, PA The more complicated the world gets, the more we wish we could travel back to a simpler time. And though the time machine hasn’t yet been invented (that we know of), you can […]



Dinner Deals: C & R Kitchen

PHILADELPHIA, PA David Magerman opened Citron + Rose in 2012 to bring high-quality kosher dining to the Philadelphia community. They explore the roots of Jewish cooking through updated interpretations of this tradition-rich cuisine. With a […]



Dinner Deals: Joey Vento’s La Terraza

PHILADELPHIA, PA Everyone loves a good Italian meal every once in awhile. If you’re in the mood for some food, head to Joey Vento’s La Terraza for an eclectic mix of fine Italian dishes inspired […]



Dinner Deals: Bitter Bob’s

There’s nothing like the taste of summer to chase away those winter blues, and nothing tastes more like summer than some good BBQ, so do yourself a favor and head to Bitter Bob’s for some authentic BBQ that will make you feel like it’s the Fourth of July again.



Dinner Deals: Mia Mare

PHILADELPHIA, PA Mia Mare means “my sea” or “my ocean” and one of their specialties is the fresh whole fish, oven baked and fileted- tableside. They also offer a variety of fresh made-to-order chicken or […]



Dinner Deals: Maggio’s

Maggio’s began serving food in 1976, and since opening has been committed to friendly service, delicious dishes and serving the community, one plate at a time.



Dinner Deals: Casa Bella Trattoria

With daily dinner specialties and weekly lunchtime menus, Casa Bella boasts classic Italian dishes with a twist, including homemade pizzas, pastas, seafood and more.