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Show Biz Buzz: Will the Olympics Go On In Rio?Will Hope stay home Solo?
Show Biz Buzz Extra: Oscar Speeches Cut Short!For the first time, credits will roll during Oscar speeches..
Richard Rawlings of "Fast N'Loud" Talks To The Breakfast ClubHe's hot
Kate Flannery: The Breakfast Club InterviewRemember Meridith on "The Office"?
Show Biz Buzz: Will Sly Show Up At The Oscars?Sly is not visiting Oscar?
Show Biz Buzz Extra: Big Game Ratings Are SuperLots of people watched the Super Bowl
Show Biz Buzz: Is Whoopi Disgruntled? Is Megyn Kelly Getting 10 Million?More changes at "The View"?
Dan Rather & Mary Mapes: The Breakfast Club InterviewWhat does Dan Rather think about Robert Redford playing him?
Show Biz Buzz Extra: Bernie Says: "I Am Larry David!"The candidate is the comedian..The comedian is the candidate...
Show Biz Buzz: Cosby Could be Charged And Go To TrialWhen will Cosby go to trial?
Show Biz Buzz: Halle Berry Is HeartbrokenHalle won an Oscar, way back in 2002..
Show Biz Buzz Extra: Why Is This War Of Words "Bogus"?Lee Daniels uses Spicoli's word "bogus" to fire back at Sean Penn's lawsuit

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