It’s A Wild Weekend In The Wildwoods

The Wildwoods are busy this weekend with three fall events that include food, family and fun.


Jack Morey Talks About The Best Way To See Wildwood

PHILADELPHIA (WOGL)  All this week, we’re giving away family passes to Morey’s Piers in Wildwood. So we talked to Jack Morey, whose family has been providing fun for decades on the Jersey Shore! CLICK BELOW […]



Oh, Those Wildwood Days!

By Ross Brittain PHILADELPHIA (WOGL) – Headed down the Shore for the Memorial Day Weekend? The Breakfast Club chatted with John Siciliano from The Wildwoods about some of the fun happening this weekend!


2012 Plunge…Best Ever!

    Bill and Frank survived another Polar Plunge in Wildwood…..


VIDEOS: Songs About Your Favorite Amusement Park Destinations

America’s Roller Coast, the 17-coaster amusement park Cedar Point, has revealed that it will be adding a new “free-fall” ride called the Windseeker.  If you don’t feel like driving all the way out to Cedar […]


How Cold Was It At The Polar Plunge?

  Frank Lewis and Bill Zimpfer survived the Plunge in Wildwood Saturday!


Those Wah-Wah-Wildwood Days!

“…every day’s a holiday & every night is Saturday night!”  A great line from Bobby Rydel’s smash hit about Wildwood.  It really sums up the carefree, summer mentality. However, beginning on July 5th and lasting […]


Wildwood NJ Ambassador-John Lynch

Check out all of the cool events going on in Wildwood, this weekend and beyond.